This is the implementation of a simple game that I played some time ago in the internet. The game's idea was interesting but the implementation and the level design were lousy (the overall gaming experience was "bumpy", clicking blocks away did not always work and the number of different colours increased linearly with the level number starting with three colours ... thus, level three was almost unbeatable).

I came across pygame last year and decided to give it a try and have a somewhat smoother implementation. I also have created some levels. They might seem a little hard when you play for the first time, but once you get used to them they are pretty easy ... at least most of them. The game runs smoothly (at least on modern machines) but hogs quite a lot of resources.

In the end of January 2009 I stumbled across the Java4k competition and hoped that porting the game to Java would fix the performance issue. And it did. Besides being much smaller (16k source in Java versus 55k in Python ... ok, the Python version has more features), it runs smoothly using just 5% CPU time (well, at least on my machine here).


If you want to try your luck, you may play the Java version using webstart. There is also an "executable" JAR file of size 4k. Or you could play it online.

Or you might try the python version of which you can find the executables here:

Screenshots (Python version)

The first screenshot shows the game in action. Actually, I was just about to lose when I took it.

screenshot of the game in action

The second picture shows the menu to choose a new level. So far, there isn't much, but at least it allows you to do what it was built for.

screenshot of the menu

How to play

Ehm ... actually, I am feeling quite tired right now. Would you mind figuring that out on your own? You get some minimal help in the game when pressing F1.


Well, I guess there are a lot of todos depending on where I want to take this game. For now, I am mostly done with it: there are about 1.8 kilolines of Python code and it seems to work without major problems (at least on my machines). But nevertheless, here are some major improvements:


For the time being (which means until this page hosts its own forum aka until it snows in hell) you may drop your comments on the pygame page or send me an e-mail (simply replace the first dot in with an @ sign)., Bruno Nyffeler on February 19, 2008